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I started my design career while working tech support at an ISP, helping out the design department while going to school for Visual Communications. From there, I became a web designer for another ISP before starting a dream job working for Archiver's (a scrapbooking company). I spent about 12 years working part-time for Archiver's from my home office, where I was responsible for the design and maintenance of the company's website as well as email design and development. Emails were sent nearly every day, so we typically had four or five emails in the works at any given time. When the sad day came for Archiver's to close doors, I began to freelance. I currently work with some great clients, including Miracle-Ear, TightKnit, Capella University, and support some of the design work at my church.

Outside of work, I'm a wife and mom of four awesome kids and two dogs. I enjoy walks with my husband (sometimes even in dead of winter with the right gear), photography, and spending time with my family. (Fun fact: I have a sister next door, a brother two doors down, and my parents just moved in eight houses away, thankfully we like each other!). I also volunteer on the PTO at our elementary school, and serve in AWANA at our church on Wednesday evenings. 

I'd love to hear from you and discuss how I can assist you in your design needs.

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